Natalia Krawczyk


A graduate of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Life Sciences in Wrocław.

In the field of veterinary medicine, he is interested in the medicine of exotic and non-domestic animals, especially small mammals and reptiles. She is also not afraid of struggling with cat and dog patients. She expanded her knowledge at numerous conferences, practices and being a long-time activist of the Scientific Society of Exotic Animal Medicine “Mephitis”. Wanting to get to know the world of our wild neighbors better, she participated, among others, in counting bats.

The owner of a cheerful group of adopted pets that includes a dog Yerba, a cat Aztec and rats Franky and Grace.

In addition to veterinary medicine, he is interested in music, and he likes to spend his free time watching movies, discovering new flavors as well as walking and training with his pooch.