Small pets hotel

Small pets hotel

While traveling for holidays or business trip, there is always a question who is going to take care of your beloved pet. This is especially true if your pet has a chronic or acute medical condition that requires a caregiver with veterinary knowledge and experience.

Rather than bother a friend or rely on a pet sitter, Vets&Pets Vet Clinic offers veterinary-supervised boarding for your pet that is affordable, safe, and comfortable. Our experienced staff is dedicated to providing personal attention to your pet. Any special health needs, such as medicine administration, food making, and exercise requirements will all be reviewed with you at the time of check-in.

You can bring your own pet food as well as order it in our clinic. Toys and personal items are more than welcome to help make your pet as comfortable as possible.

The hotel is dedicated to small pets only – exotic one and cats.

Locations where the service is available: