Vets&Pets Vet Clinic offers professional pet behaviour services for dogs & cats in Wroclaw.

We all love the company of a loyal and happy pet. There is nothing more enjoyable than the true bond between human and animal. However because of this bond and our forgiving nature we tolerate a variety of behavioural problems – often for a very long time. After a while these behavioural problems can take over our day to day lives.

Behavioural problem is one of the main reasons behind pets being abandoned, re-homed or euthanased. Often the problem can be resolved or made more manageable through proper behavioural counselling and training. These behavioural problems can range from the most simple like house soiling, pulling on a lead to more serious issues like aggression, fear, separation anxiety and many others.

No matter what the nature of the problem is, it is important that you as the owner understand why it has occurred, and more importantly what you can do to prevent it from happening now and in the future. The causes, not the symptoms, must be directly dealt with to achieve complete success of eradication.

That’s why it’s very important to draw on the services of a professional and experienced behaviourist, rather than seek short term advice, which is often inappropriate and problems wrongly diagnosed, from a variety of other sources or unqualified people. Therefore preventing any longer term more serious problems from occurring, and ensuring the animal lives both sociably and contently as part of the family.

Locations where the service is available: