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Looking for a vet? Contact us using an online form or call us directly by clicking the button below. Due to the fact that our patients health is the most important, emergency cases e.g. animals after the accident, life-threatening situations will be taken outside the queue.

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For the comfort of our patients, we schedule appointments for a specific time. You can it via phone, email or using an online system.

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Vets & Pets Vet Clinic

Vets&Pets Wrocław Vets&Pets Wrocław Vets&Pets Wrocław Vets&Pets Wrocław Vets&Pets Wrocław Vets&Pets Wrocław Vets&Pets Wrocław Vets&Pets Wrocław

We have created Vets&Pets with special care for our patients and their owners. We want our office to be a place where you will not only find specialist and professional help, but also comfort while waiting for your pet. We want Vets&Pets to be a study to which we would gladly lead our pets.

Why it is worth to visit our clinic?

Innovative customer care

From the very first visit in Vets & Pets clinic you will find it’s uniquness. We will always take your own & your pet comfort for the first place. Thanks yo friendly and attractive interior, zones for animals and rooms dedicated to species – we guarantee you 100% satisfaction from the visit.

Experienced crew

Our stuff are experienced doctors who constantly seek to deepen their knowledge through specialized trainings, courses or postgraduate studies. We cooperate on daily basis with well-known experts in the region, e.g. cardiologist, orthopedists, bahaviorists and many others.

Close to you

Vets & Pets vet clinic is located in the heart of Wroclaw (Promenady Wrocławskie settlement). You can easily get here via car or public transport.

One vet clinic for many needs

We are one of the few vet clinic in Wroclaw, in which we can cover 100% of your pet needs. We have high quality equipment like Xray, Ultrasonograph and many others. Thanks to that there is no need to use any 3rd party service suppliers.


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Complete help for your pet.

Thanks to equipment and professional vets we are one of few vet clinics which offer complete vet help for your help.

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We help you to understand your pet behaviours.

When its hard to understand your pets behaviour or if you simply cannot control him - behaviorist help is invaluable.

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If you are not able to take your pet on a journey (longer or shorter) we offer you a pet hotel service.

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Opinions about Vets&Pets

Polecam Wszystkim! 100% Profesjonaliści z Wielkim Sercem <3

Dorota Fissenewert

Najlepszy gabinet na świecie! Dla moich świnek morskich szukałam specjalisty od takich zwierzątek, ale doktor Dziwak nie tylko doskonale leczy, ma wielką widzę, ale też wizyty u niego to prawdziwa przyjemność (dla opiekunów, świnki jakoś do tej pory nie są zachwycone…). Śwince z niesprawnymi stawami zdecydowanie się poprawiło, a ja dostałam szczegółową diagnozę i wyjaśnienia (bardzo na plus dla osób, które lubią wszystko wiedzieć i rozumieć). Z doktor Basią miałam kontakt jedynie telefoniczny, ale bardzo starannie odliczyła, odłożyła i opisała leki, które zamówiłam do odbioru, by na pewno na mnie czekały. Doktor Magda z kolei wspaniale pamięta nawet nieswoich pacjentów i przyjmuje pieski Fundacji Węgielek nawet po godzinach 🙂

Basia Włodarczyk

Sorry, this entry is only available in Polish.

Justyna Witkowska