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Regulations for the admission of patients from 25/03 to 31/03/2020

Posted on: 24 March 2020

Taking care of the safety of our patients and employees, we have prepared the following regulations, which present the rules for admitting patients in the period: 25/03/2020 – 31/03/2020

  • The office is open from 08:30 to 19:00
  • Visits are arranged for specific hours
  • ONLY 1 person from outside the staff can stay in the waiting room: 1 client and 1 animal.
  • Please do not take children to visits!
  • To purchase medicines, anti-parasitic preparations, veterinary food, please contact us in advance! We will prepare selected goods so that you can pick them up at the reception.
  • If someone decides to “drop in” for the above goods, they will be asked to wait for pickup in front of the Cabinet.
  • Planned treatments take place normally
  • We encourage you to make appointments via the online schedule:, ORDER VISIT button, email or by phone
  • Full admission regulations are posted on the Cabinet’s door

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation !!
Best regards – Vets & Pets team